Family Gateways

This group is for Parents and Carers of someone with a learning disability of any age regardless of whether they have a diagnosis or not – we all know it doesn’t stop when you become an adult.

Jane has recently joined the Adult Leisure Team and has a background in supporting children and adults with a Learning Disability. She gets involved with all activities and events including Gateway Club and Keeping Active.

Jane is a parent of an adult son, when he was diagnosed at 18 months profoundly deaf, later High functioning Aspergers syndrome, there wasn't a lot of support about, and i felt very alone, when i had the chance to help run a support group, i felt it was my chance to help others that felt/feel alone like i did/do. this is also a chance for parents/carers to get together to share information, Have a rant, share a problem, also get involved with providing life experiences, supporting each other can make a massive difference.