Drama Club 2-4pm

On a Tuesday afternoon between 2-4pm we have a Drama Club. This club is well supported and is great fun. It is led by Gennie Powell, who is a vibrant, full of life teacher who has a wealth of experience and expertise!



Drama is a great way of learning about the world around you and exploring different scenarios or opportunities through improvisation.



Our Group are currently working on their next production entitled “The Wizard of Us” which we anticipate performing at the end of 2017.
If you like acting and being on stage then this is the club for you. However, productions also need artistic people to help make the sets, and even if you do not enjoy the limelight yourself, you may enjoy the atmosphere in the drama group, and wish to work backstage. There is fun to be had for all.
If you are interested or want any further information please speak to Jess at the office.



The following photos are taken from the performance of our last Pantomime which the Group wrote and performed themselves at Bocking Village Hall, as well as their latest Drama Review which they performed in April 2017 at the Bocking Arts Theatre for an audience of over 120 people!