For our timetable of activities, during term time, DOWNLOAD OUR TIMETABLE HERE!


 For more information about any of our activities, classes, trips or outings you can contact Jess Leonard via email at leisure@braintreemencap.org.uk or alternatively call the office on 01376 326302. See below for more details about the activities that we offer people with a learning disability throughout the week.



On Mondays, we run a Swimming Group from 11am to 12pm at Witham pool, click on the link to learn more.


Whilst our swimmers are enjoying the water, back at Charles Leeks House we offer the first of two Life Skills Classes. The Monday class runs from 10.30am- 12.30pm, enabling our members to shop for, prepare and enjoy a healthy, homemade lunch, whilst simultaneously learning new skills to aid independent living.The second life skills class is held on a Wednesday morning to ensure that we can offer this opportunity to as many people with a learning disability as possible.


**NEW FOR 2018**

Our newest addition to our timetable is our Monday Madness group, a great opportunity for adults with a learning disability to get out and about and explore different activities within the local community. This activity runs to a separate timetable which is available from the office on a monthly rota.

We will leave Charles Leeks House each week at 1.30 pm and return for 3.30 pm.





A recent addition to our timetable is our furniture upcycling class, called “The Reclaimers”. It takes place every Tuesday morning from 10-12pm at Charles Leeks. New skills, such as sanding, painting and decoupage can be learned by people of all ages and abilities in this friendly class.


From 12-1pm there is a Funky Moves class, which is the equivalent of a day time disco. A great way to enjoy dancing to music and getting fit at the same time!



In the afternoon we run a Drama Club from 2:30pm to 4:30pm at Charles Leeks House. This is a fantastic opportunity for people with a learning disability to be part of a welcoming sociable group who write, direct and perform a piece that they create together. This group is led by Gennie Powell who works to support them to produce their own piece of theatre, whilst simultaneously exploring the world around us through role play and games.



Braintree Mencap have worked with Pheonix Hockey Club to help establish a learning disability Hockey Team. The Pheonix Hockey Club is based in Bocking, and they are now in sole charge of “The Flyerz”.  All abilities are welcome, and if you would like more details please speak to Neil at Pheonix Hockey Club or Jess Leonard at the office.





Our morning starts with a Photography Group, the “Happy Snappers”, who meet at Charles Leeks House at 10am and explore the Braintree District, recording photographically what they see on their adventures! All abilities are welcome, so come along and join in this new group, and get to know your District better!  We have digital cameras that members can use if they do not wish to bring their own. We also have access to computers and ipads, so that they can learn how to digitally enhance their favourite shots.



Later in the morning, we have our Wednesday Life Skills Class, from 11.30am – 2.30pm where everyone makes their own healthy lunch and learns skills to aid independent living.




Later in the afternoon, there is a football activity which our members enjoy in Witham. It is called Football Healthy for Life and is run by the NHS.



Wednesday evenings are home to our Bridge Club which offers people with a learning disability between the ages of 16-30 years the opportunity to socialise with their peers as well as learn new skills and have fun. The Bridge meet between 7-9pm every Wednesday evening and you can learn more about The Bridge by clicking on the link at the top of our Home Page.


If you are based in Witham, or are older than 30, there is an alternative option – our Dengie Club, which is based in the Dengie Hall CM8 1DJ. They are open from 7-9pm and follow a weekly timetable of activities which you can download HERE.





On Thursday morning we hold a fun Music Group which is open to people of all abilities. It runs from 10.30- 12.30pm and as singing is so good for the soul, it is a great way to relax, express yourself and enjoy belting out your favourite tunes!  For a great day out bring a packed lunch and stay on for the Art Cafe.



Thursdays are home to our Art Cafe, from 1:00pm – 3:00pm.



In the evenings, we run our Gateway Club – click on its link at the top to learn more!





On Friday’s we run our Lets Go Fridays!


Did you know Lets go stands for Lets get out? This is the perfect opportunity to explore different activities out in the community.


DOWNLOAD our monthly timetable here.



Trips and Outings


In addition to all of this, Braintree Mencap offers its members a wide variety of trips and outings throughout the year. Click on this link to learn more.