About Us

Who are Braintree Mencap?

Braintree District Mencap Society was formed in 1955 to help people with a learning disability and their families. Braintree Mencap has a wide membership throughout the Braintree District, and we offer support to more than 800 children and adults with a learning disability.

We are affiliated to Royal Mencap, but are responsible for raising our own funds in order to continue to offer our services.

Our Vision

Braintree Mencap see a world where people with a learning disability are listened to, treated equally and included, with the opportunity to make independent choice to fulfil their ambitions with regards to what they want to do and achieve.

Our Mission

To assist people with a learning disability in the Braintree District to acheive equality and equal rights.

. To work in partnership with local authorities, groups and organisations and the Royal Mencap Society to obtain the best possible benefits for those with a learning disability in the Braintree District.

. To provide a wide variety of educational, leisure, sporting and social opportunities for people with a learning disability, both at Charles Leeks House and within the wider community.

Our Values

. To encourage each other to express views in an open, honest and constructive way.

. To consult, listen to and understand the needs of our members, their families, carers, volunteers and staff.

. To encourage people with a learning disability to be involved at all levels with the running of our Society.

. To treat people with a learning disability with dignity and respect.

Braintree District Mencap Society is a registered Charity in the UK, Charity Number: 237956.