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Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast

After over a year of rehearsals the day finally came for our very own Drama class to showcase their long awaited production of Beauty and the beast.

On Friday 22nd of March Charles Leeks House played host to a show stopping performance with a crowd of nearly 50 people flooding through our doors. With a cast of 16 including Brenda as Belle, Lenny as the Beast and Patrick as our Narrator the evening was a hit! Everyone worked incredibly hard to play their parts memorising lines and pushing past their nerves to deliver a performance to be proud of. A huge congratulations and pat on the back to each and every single one of you.

As with anything here at Braintree Mencap an incredible amount of hard work also took place behind the scenes. A huge thanks goes to Alex for being in charge of lighting and music and building a fantastic stage, to Sue and Ian for giving up their evening to be on hand for costumes and line prompting and to Sharon for spending weeks in the build up assisting with the production of some fantastic props.

An extended thank you goes to our very own Sarah Elliot for being a top producer, working tirelessly to run a fun, exciting and inclusive class each and every week.

And just as everyone breathes a sigh of relief the excitement doesn’t end there! Join our drama class every Tuesday between 2-4 pm to be a part of our new cast, as Braintree Mencap does The Greatest Showman! For more information call us 01376 326302.