The Bridge

Every Wednesday evening from 7pm until 9pm at Charles Leeks House, we welcome people with a learning disability from the ages of 16-30 years, to join “The Bridge” to provide an opportunity to socialise, make new friends and meet up with old ones!


The members of the Group chose the name “The Bridge” as they see this club as “bridging” the gap between childrens services and those for adults. Rather clever of them, don’t you think?



Every week we run a different activity, offering ways to have fun and learn new skills in a safe and friendly environment and utilising services in the local community as much as possible. During the last term we have enjoyed various meals out together, a nerf war, a pamper evening and pizza party, trip to an Open Mic night, jump street and trip to Monkey Puzzle to name just a few!



The Bridge welcomes younger volunteers to support our young adults with a learning disabiltiy to have fun and simply enjoy activities that all young adults want to do and experience. This is a great opportunity for sixth form or university students to enhance their CVs, whilst genuinely having fun and making a positive difference to the lives of people with a learning disability.



One of the young ladies who attends The Bridge said that whilst she is at the club she “does not feel disabled”, she “just feels like one of the gang”. This is a wonderful testimony to the ethos behind The Bridge, in that it is great fun for everyone who attends. Do not hesitate to contact Jess if this volunteering opportunity interests you or you would like more information.



To find out what we are doing this week download our activity timetable HERE. Come and join us at 7pm every Wednesday!

















For more information, contact Jess Leonard at the office.